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Yes to Carrots Products

I’ve given up years ago on expensive skin care products. While it was nice to have, I’ve switched to more commercial brands just so I can save some moola.

Lately though, I’ve gotten more conscious of what I’m using because I’m constantly rubbing faces with my baby, so I was looking for something more natural – yet still affordable. When I met Delilah at this cocktail soiree and found out about Yes To Carrots, the timing was just perfect…

Yes to Carrots Skin Care

  • First, I have to say the colorful packaging are just too cute to ignore!
  • Second, all of their products are organic base using high quality organic fruits and veggies.
  • And finally, it’s sold at your nearby drugstore (how convenient!)

I bought myself a bottle of the Yes To Tomatoes Facial Hydrating Lotion from Walgreens to try, and instantly I was sold! The lotion felt very light and natural. It didn’t feel harsh at all compared to my other moisturizers, and most importantly, my skin felt deeply hydrated without feeling oily.

Yes to Carrots Facial Lotion

Yes to Carrots Moisturizer

When I saw Delilah the second time around at another blogger event, I told her how much I loved the product! Being the sweet brand ambassador that she is, Delilah graciously sent me her other products to try. Now I’m just so excited to be adding other Yes To products to my daily care essentials (like the much needed eye firming treatment lotion!) 

Yes to Carrots Baby Products

I have to say, all of their products are amazingly affordable, including their baby line called Yes To Baby Carrots. I can dedicate a whole Twenty Dollar Monday post just on Yes To Carrots alone!

I’m also a big fan of companies who give back. Learning that a portion of their proceeds are dedicated to the Yes To Seed Funds – a non-profit org helping to make a difference in people’s lives through sustainable agriculture – it’s just another reason for me to say Yes To Carrots!

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