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Did you know that more than 285 million people around the globe suffer from visual impairment? They are either blind or have very low vision all because they have no access to basic eye health care. This is a huge number and I think it’s crazy! I had no idea how serious this problem is until I came across Shauns Shades. And being that today is actually “World Sight Day”, I am so pleased and proud to share with you this great local designer,Shaun Paterson, who is the founder and owner behind Shauns Shades and his mission on “Buy One Give Sight.”

His idea is simple. Shauns Shades will sell beautiful and stylish sunglasses – all designed in California and manufactured in Italy. When someone buys a pair of Shauns Shades, they will give a pair of glasses to someone in need. It’s as simple as that! Sure, some of you may think that this is very similar to what TOMS Eyewear is doing –  but what’s wrong with having one more great designer contributing a great cause to the world?

I received my pair of Shauns Shades recently and have been wearing it non-stop! I really do love it and I haven’t felt that in a long time with a pair of sunglasses. I mean, I splurged on luxury brands and I also bought the not-so-big brands (ahem… Forever 21.) But then those sunglasses became either too heavy, too flimsy, and sometimes even too trendy they just kinda ended up back in my drawer and never got to see the sunlight again.

The moment I put my pair of Shauns Shades on, it just felt perfect. You can tell the sunglasses are made of quality (I don’t think you can expect anything less when things are made in Italy!) and their lenses are from Carl Zeiss, a renowned worldwide leader in optic lenses. The wonderful pair I have on is called the Islay. It’s lightweight but it sits and frames my face wonderfully. It has a very subtle butterfly shape and I think it’s a timeless style that tends to flatter most face shapes out there.

I wholeheartedly believe in this brand and if you’re thinking of getting a new pair of sunglasses, I highly encourage you to check out Shauns Shades. Not only are you getting something nice for yourself and supporting a local designer, but you’re also helping someone who are greatly in need.

This brand has just launched this April and is currently working its way to some of the most unique boutiques in the US and UK. They have been recently featured in 7×7Hypebeast, and The Huffington Post, and I can assure you that you’ll be seeing a lot more press on Shauns Shades!

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