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Hey friends, happy Cyber Monday! Anyone scoring good deals out there? Since we’re all shopping online already, I wanted to tell you about my latest obsession, Luvocracy! Some of you may have already seen me tweet about it or post on FB, and some of you may have already heard from other bloggers, but I thought I’d owe you a proper intro.

I had the pleasure of being introduced to Luvocracy earlier this year. When they approached me, they weren’t even allowed to give me the name of the company or a peek of what they were working on. It was so secretive that if I tell you I wasn’t skeptical, I would be lying. They told me it was a new social commerce site where your purchase is solely based on recommendations from your friends and trusted influencers. To be honest, it was pretty vague. And really, do I need another social site?

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Skip ahead to a few months later and I found myself as an early adopter (and an addict) to Luvocracy. It’s an e-commerce site that is a little like Pinterest and a little like Amazon. It’s like Pinterest because I get to curate the products I want from all over the web. It’s like Amazon because I (or anyone) get to buy it directly from Luvocracy. Since I’m an avid user on Pinterest and also a shopper at heart, I found Luvocracy to be quite fitting for me.

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And ever since I started my lifestyle/shopping blog I have been approached by a number of e-commerce start-ups, so it does take a little bit more to impress me these days. I have to say Luvocracy has been one of those sites. Perhaps, I should go straight into the 8 reasons why I love Luvocracy:

1. Trusted tastemakers on the platform. To make a product work, you really need a good group of people to get it started. Not only on the business side but also the user side. Luvocracy did a fantastic job on doing just that. There are many of my favorite people on the platform – like Maia, Jen, Erin, Vanessa, Satsuki, Joy, Christine, Jonathan, Kate, Aaron, Joanna and many more. I already trust the taste from these people through their blogs and Pinterest, so it’s only natural that I love what they curate on Luvocracy. I have been discovering so many new and tasteful products through them, so to me, it’s like getting personal shoppers for free.

2. Shop from independent and big chain retailers. I love that I’m able to discover products here from unique vendors as well as trusted ones. Users are constantly adding and curating products from all over the web regardless where it’s from so you can be sure to find unique stuff from independent sellers (ie. BRIKA, Leif, Poketo, Etsy) as well as big chain retailers (ie. Target, West Elm, Barneys, J.Crew).

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3. A platform made for shopping. With Pinterest, there are times I come across a product I really like and then to find out I can’t buy it or it’s out of stock. Pinterest was made to share inspirational images and ideas – not for shopping. On Luvocracy, everything is purchasable!

4. Luvocracy also acts as a concierge. Meaning if an retailer is sold out of an item, Luvocracy will scour the web for you to find the product. They cannot guarantee they will find it, but at least it saves you the work and the chances of you finding the product will be higher.

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5. Just-For-You Catalogue. This is one of my favorite features of the site. Each day, this catalogue is updated with new products from people you trust and it’s organized by your interest. Since I’m always on the lookout for new products for the blog, this feature has been tremendously helpful to me!

6. This platform is built for everyone. This site is not just built for someone who is into fashion or design, or a blogger. It really is for everyone. Similar to Pinterest, you can create your own boards. In this case, your own collections. You can name it whatever you want. Your collection can go from sharing your favorite wine, to must-have books, to latest gadgets, to rare collectibles, to kitchen essentials, to best kids toys, to rad outdoor gears. The sky is the limit!

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7. Get social. The social aspect of a new start-up has become pretty much a standard. On Luvocracy, you can re-recommend someone’s product and send personal messages. Another of my favorite feature is that you can send a “thank you” note to the person who you made a purchase from. Just like in real life, when a friend or an acquaintance recommends a good product to you you always want to thank them. Isn’t it nice you can do that on here too?

8. Earn rewards. Ok, so I saved the best for last! Every user on this site can earn rewards when someone purchase your recommendation. If your product was re-recommended by someone else and a purchase was made from it, you also get rewarded for that too. So basically, you are getting rewarded for sourcing the product. These rewards can be used as credits toward your purchase on the site or Luvocracy will send you a check (I have gotten both). I wish this existed on Amazon because you have no idea how many recommendations my husband and I made to our friends!

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Now that you have a better idea on what this site is about, I’d love to extend my invitation to you to try it out. Luvocracy is still in beta so it’s invite-only. I’ve honestly been having a lot of fun on there. The screen shots above are some of my favorite collections with products I would either buy for myself or recommend to you. Rest assure  this is where I’ll be doing A LOT of my Christmas shopping! This is also extremely helpful for creating x’mas wish list – pass your Luvocracy page to your loved ones and you’ll be sure to receive something you love! (no re-gifting in sight.)

And very lastly, Luvocracy is having FREE SHIPPING on all orders until tomorrow Tuesday, 11/27. We all know how much shipping can add up at this time of the year. I’ve already took advantage of that over the weekend and will probably get a few more things – after all, it’s Cyber Monday, right? :)

Have a wonderful week, everyone! Hope I’ll see you in Luvocracy and would love to hear what you think!

poketo tea set for one gold-oxfords

My recent Luvocrarcy purchases: Brewing tea-set for one (I’ve been using this almost everyday. It makes a perfect gift too!). And my metallic gold oxfords (just in time for the holidays!)