I Heart MJöLK!


I heart MJöLKmjolk globe, clock, dinning setMJöLK cup set, headphones, book standMJöLK poster, bag

What happens when you marry Scandanavian and Japanese design together? You get a lovely shop like Mjölk (prononuced mi-yelk, means milk). Pure, honest, and essential – just how Mjölk would call it!

This shop isn’t new to me, but every time I visit, I get so blown away by the simplicity of their products, and absolutely wouldn’t mind owning every piece I see on their site. The designs are clean and smart, with a light touch of whimsical, which I always admire. And lately, I’ve been finding myself liking a lot of neutrals again, so coming to Mjölk was just like candy for my eyes (now, only if I have 300 bucks to spend on that black & white globe!)

Happy Tuesday!

(Images via Mjölk)