How To Wear Cropped Flared Jeans (The Petite Edition)



Being on the petite side of barely making it to 5 foot tall, I swore to myself that I would never put on a pair of cropped jeans. I always thought it would cut off my legs and make me look shorter than I already am. In fact, I’ve never owned a pair of cropped jeans until Old Navy asked me to partner with them on their new August Denim Campaign, which you should check out!

This campaign is all about “breaking the rules” for your body type and making the jeans your own. I thought the concept was pretty cool, but I had no idea Old Navy would assign me to wear a pair of their new Cropped Kick Flare.

Given my short height with wider hips and thighs, it’s not something I would normally add to my shopping cart. Honestly, I wasn’t exactly thrilled. I just had it in my head that anything cropped and flared is just not going to do well on a girl like me.

So what is a girl to do? I decided to take on the challenge and made the cropped flared jeans my own! Surprisingly, I discovered a few flattering ways to wear them and I can’t believe I’ve never considered buying a pair until now. I’m super happy with the new looks and even more excited to add a new style to my denim rotation. The best thing is that I got out of my comfort zone and was still able to stay true to my style.

Check out my styling tips below and see how I’m wearing my new cropswithout feeling an inch shorter!


  1. Proportion and balance is the key. I’m all about paying attention to proportion and how well pieces fit on me. Pair with a longer top to balance off the shorter hem on the cropped flares. I wore a third piece (my overcoat) and high-heeled ankle booties to balance the height of this look. This outfit is perfect when I need to head out for a meeting or a night out in the city. I’m wearing denim but I still feel polished and put-together.


2. Highlight the ankle. I think ankles can be quite sexy if you ask me. Make sure to choose a pair that hits right above the ankles. A pair with frayed-hems like my cropped kick flare is a stylish way to highlight those pretty ankles!


3. Play with the tucking of your shirt to achieve different looks. A fully tucked shirt (above) can make you look more groomed and flatters your waist-line and makes your legs look longer. A half-tucked shirt (below) would still flatter your waist with a much more relaxed weekend look. I’m loving my new embroidered boho blouse from Old Navy to achieve these looks.



4. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! I know you must’ve heard this a thousand times, but this is the best way to really make the outfit your own. I love this tip because it works for everyone and it has nothing to do with your size! Try it with different styles of shoes and bright colored handbags like my red fold over crossbody (above) and mix it up!


Also, don’t be afraid to try on some new trends to update your look! My latest fave is wearing choker necklaces, and my style hack of using silk ribbons (yes, the kind you use to wrap gifts) as a choker is almost too good to pass up! It costs almost next to nothing and you are like the most stylish girl in town. I love wearing this trend to style up my embroidered boho blouse! And of course, don’t forget your favorite jewelries, beauty must-haves (like my favorite lipsticks and nail polishes), and and even down to your head-pieces. Just so you know, barrettes are making a big comeback!


5. Modernize the jeans with backless mules. I think this new shoe trend adds a modern touch and goes amazingly well with my cropped kick flares. Not only does it show off my ankles but it elongates the legs! The result, effortless and very downtown chic!


How do you like my styling tips for the new crops? Do you think I’ve “made it my own”?

To get inspired and learn more ways to break the rules, be sure to check out this awesome campaign on I’m super proud to be part of this among 4 other very stylishly confident ladies! :)  Hope you’re enjoying summer!

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Photo 1-4, 7-9 by Ashley Batz for SST. Photo 5-6 by Kat Borchart for Old Navy.