Flight 001 :: Go Clean Pack Bags


Believe it or not, one shop I really enjoy going into, and that it has absolutely nothing to do with clothing, is Flight 001 (their blog is called Window Seat, how clever!) Everytime I go in there, I not only fancy about where I want to travel next but also how sleek their travel gear would look in my suitcases.

Last time when we went to Italy, I picked up a couple of these pack bags…not because I needed it (cause I could’ve really winged it with ziplock bags), but because of the colors and design. To my surprise, this was one of my favorite purchases. I found them to be really useful and it had kept me organized throughout the whole trip.

We traveled between seven different cities and it was perfect to keep my filthy shoes and dirty clothes tucked away from the rest of my stuff. I’m already thinking about picking up a few more to complete my collection!

By the way, these are great to use in your gym bag too!

Oh, I also picked up this passport cover… again, not because I needed it, but because it just looked so… cool. :)

Got any traveling plans this year? Or places you are dying to visit? I’d love to know! :)