Chance + Stripe Mania Party


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Have you seen the latest collection and photos by Chance? It has me yearning for a weekend getaway and adding more stripes to my closet! My favorite is their textile line carrying the Turkish Foutas…not only do I want them in every color but I also want to use it as a beach towel, picnic blanket, a throw, summer evening wrap, and even a table runner!

Oh, and speaking of stripes, I saw this StripeMania ”Bloggers Wearing Stripes” virtual party on Decor8 yesterday and thought it sounded super fun! I mean, wouldn’t it be so cool and ridiculous to see all of us in stripes?! We just have to take a photo of us in stripes, tweet it to Holly and she’ll get it onto her Pinterest board (Holly and Igor are such geniuses!) I think this party is too fun not to participate, don’t you think? ;)  Let’s all wear stripes and be silly together!! We have until June 12 to submit our photos! Check out Holly’s blog for more details.