All Things Emersonmade



I stumbled upon EmersonMade yesterday {via Sterling Style} and fell madly in love with this online boutique. Emerson is the creator and model for her apparel & accessories line and her style is nothing but effortlessly chic! Her and her husband Ryan (the photographer) run the company from their beautiful farmhouse in New Hampshire and is recently featured in the latest issue of The Nest. (You can see the spread from David A. Land, who did the photo shoot for the couple.)

As I was looking through her site, I was drooling over her spring line collection and would die to have every piece in my closet! Think I just found my latest fashion crush. The black & cream linen tuxedo jacket is calling my name… which piece (or shall I say ‘pieces’) is calling yours?

Emersonmade Derby Pleat Little Blouse

Emersonmade Petitmoto Jacket Little Stripe Field Pant

Emersonmade Fashion

Emersonmade Pants

Emersonmade Skirt


Emersonmade Jacket

Emersonmade little black scallop skirt

Emersonmade one piece

Emersonmade buttons

Emersonmade bag

Emersonmade orange

Emersonmade model

Emersonmade coat

Emersonmade red pants

Emersonmade leather jacket

Emersonmade skirt

Emersonmade dress

Emersonmade blouse

Emersonmade leggings topper

Emersonmade topper