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I’m quite honor, and happy, to spread the word that my friend, Anne Sage, is launching her very first book today, Sage Living. If you’re a home interior enthusiast like me, you must get a copy on Amazon, I love, love, love my copy!

Anne was one of the earlier people I met when I started blogging and I’ve been following her journey ever since. I was drawn to her style, her sassy, witty personality, and most of all, her ability to write profoundly. I usually don’t read a lot of long blog posts (mostly due to time), but somehow Anne’s writing pulls me in a way that keeps me reading more and more. If there is one word to describe Anne, she is smart.

I’ll be doing a little redecorating in my living room shortly with the help of Anne and her new book. I’m pretty excited about it, and I can’t wait to tell you why I’m particularly looking forward to this home update! In the mean time, here’s a nice recap of Anne and her book:

“In Sage Living, Anne profiles 28 spaces that are designed in accordance with the occupants’ goals or wishes in mind. These men and women created spaces not just for aesthetics, but to help them thrive personally and professionally. Each one has an inspiring story with takeaways for readers on how to achieve a similar feel themselves. This book is, as Anne puts it, for the interiors junkie, the reader, anyone in transition, the object enthusiast, and the personal growth devotee.

Anne says that the seed for the book was planted when everything in her life had fallen apart – her marriage ended, she walked away from the business she’d started, and moved to a new city with only a suitcase and a few shopping bags. For the first six months, her new apartment remained empty because she was too paralyzed to buy new furniture. Every purchase felt like a commitment that she wasn’t ready for yet; an extension of herself when she wasn’t ready to say who she was. The whole experience put her in touch with the idea of how our homes reflect and impact our emotional states, our goals, and our hopes and dreams.”

Sage Living

This interior book is really like no others. I can’t wait to apply the tips I’m learning in my very own home. Be sure to get your copy!

Xo Jeanne

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