Strawberry Madeleine Recipe


Guys, did I tell you that during this spring & summer, I have the most fantastic intern helping me with my blog AND my soon-to-launch partyware biz! Her name is Linh. Although she’s a little camera shy, she is super diligent, resourceful, AND has this little hidden talent called BAKING!

I can’t believe I’m only finding this out now when her internship is about to end! She’s going to study abroad in London in a few weeks (how cool is that?), so I told Linh that before she leaves me, she has to share a few recipes with us, amirite?!

So, first off, she’s sharing a very classic madeleine recipe with a twist of strawberries. She even baked me a box, and my girls and I chowed it down in like 2 seconds. Ok, just kidding, maybe like in an hour. But honestly, nothing beats freshly baked goods, especially from people you know!

Ok. Enough said from me. Let me turn the spotlight over to my superstar intern ~ Linh!

Hi, this is Linh! I’m terrible in the kitchen but the one thing I can do right (most of the time) is madeleines. They’re not that easy (folding the batter…resting the batter for AT LEAST 3 hours—real test of patience) but also not that difficult to make. They’re dainty and pretty enough to impress my former-pro-baker-mother and the frequent houseguests. The next time you need to impress someone (including yourself), make these. If these don’t impress, I will deliver them to you. Shipping & handling not included :) (Jeanne’s note – if that’s the case, make sure to follow Linh on IG!) 

Madeleine Recipe (Classic & Strawberry Version)—approx. 36 mini cookies


3 large eggs
2/3 c. sugar
1/8 tsp. salt
1 1/4 c. flour (sifted) + extra for prepping the pan
8 Tbs (1 stick) of unsalted butter (melted & cooled to room tempt.) + extra for prepping the pan
zest of 1 lemon

PREPPING THE PAN Do this before making the batter! I use this nonstick pan but I still prep it. Better safe than sorry.

1. Butter each mold & cover the mold with flour
2. Tap the pan on its side to remove excess flour—you want just the thinnest layer of flour to cover the mold, don’t add too much. I ruined half a batch because I forgot to shake out the excess. The madeleines came out fine but there’s a layer of flour stuck the cookies that makes them look unappetizing.
3. Put pan in freezer until time to bake

**I only grease & flour the pan once. If you don’t have a nonstick pan, consider doing prepping the pan again.


1. Whisk eggs, sugar, salt, & lemon zest until frothy (4-5 min)
2. Fold ¼ of the flour into the egg mixture; repeat with the rest of the flour
3. Gradually drip butter into the batter and gently fold until incorporated. Optional step: browning the butter (here’s how I learned it)—you don’t have to do this. The madeleines will still taste delicious without this step
4. Cover the batter & refrigerate for (at least) 3 hours


1. Preheat the oven to 350 °F
2. When ready, put about 1 tablespoon of batter per mold. Just plop it right in the center of each mold & don’t spread the batter. It’ll take care of itself once in the oven.
3. Check after 8 minutes—you should see browning around the edges along with their signature humps
4. When done, use a fork to gently lift the madeleines out & transfer onto a cooling rack
5. Optional step: add a lemon glaze (method from Mr. Lebovitz’s recipe linked above) or dust with powder sugar (only do this right before serving)


1. Right before baking, add in ½-1 c. of strawberries into the batter and gently fold until strawberries are well distributed—You can add them in before resting the batter but I like to keep the strawberries as fresh as possible

strawberry madeleine recipe


Legend has it you can keep the cool madeleines in an airtight container for a few days. Hard to know if this is true because in my house of five people (+ frequent visitors) they’re usually gone within 3-4 hours. But seriously, madeleines are best eaten the day of.

Enjoy them with a cup of tea—preferably green tea with a bit of matcha powder; the earthiness of the tea balances out the sweetness of the madeleines.


Photos + Post by Linh Pham for Shop Sweet Things. Adapted recipe from David Lebovitz’s Lemon-Glazed Madeleine Recipe