Playdate 14 | Erica Chan Coffman at Tilden Park Little Farm


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Hello all, welcome back to my Playdate! Did you enjoy the last oneI’m yet again excited to introduce you to another pair of awesome mother-son duo, Erica Chan Coffman, and her 14 months-old son, Quincy Shaw Coffman. Erica is the founder and editor of HonestlyWTF – a blog founded in 2010 and since has turned into a publishing + media company with daily articles on fashion, art, DIY, and now with HonestlyYUM on food, cocktails, and entertaining. Impressive, right? I still remember when I first started blogging in 2011, the very first DIY I stumbled upon and actually “attempted” to do, was indeed this braided hex nut bracelet from Erica.

Her recent feature on The Coveteur showcasing her killer closet and home is also worth a look ~ to say that I don’t have the slightest bit of fangirl crush would be a lie! I met Erica on several occasions and have recently got to know her more on a personal level. She is such a delight! Super friendly and nice and just a really easy person all around. And knowing that we both have babies, it was such a natural thing to say “yeah, let’s go on a playdate!”

Erica took us to Tilden Park Little Farm in Berkeley, East Bay, where we fed the animals with Quincy, Hayden and Hadley. It was so cute to watch the kids interact with the animals! This time, our husbands, George and Abe, also came along. This was nice because the weekend is all about family time for us. We had a wonderful time together and enjoyed a nice picnic at the end. Let’s catch up with Erica and her ultra adorable son! Be warned, you will fall in love!

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What are your favorite characteristics of Quincy?

His unadulterated love of life and laughter is infectious. But it’s his physical expressions of affection that simply melt my heart. Quincy loves to gives hugs, cuddles, and kisses – and they’re not just reserved for me and my husband. He adores everyone!

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What’s your typical day like?

My days start at 5:30am, which isn’t so bad since I’m a morning person and it’s the one time of day that Quincy and I have a few hours of alone time together. We have breakfast together and then go on a short walk before our nanny comes over at 8. The rest of the day is spent working on my computer researching stories for HonestlyWTF, experimenting with DIY projects, and recipe testing for HonestlyYUM.

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Are you able to run Honestly Media the same way you did before you had a baby? Any challenges you are facing right now?

It took me some time to fully get back into the swing of things work wise. For the first few months had a hard time being separated from Quincy so traveling for work and attending events was definitely not a priority for me. But now, I would say things are just as they were before – I just cut my trips shorter now!

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What’s one thing you have to sacrifice after having Quincy?

With a baby, we’ve relinquished the ease of travel. Gone are the glory days of arriving to the airport late, watching movies and sleeping on the plane!

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On Erica: Sweater, Club Monaco / Denim Shirt, Madewell (See DIY Bleached Denim Here) / Jeans, Rag & Bone / Cowboy Boots, Custom Paul Bond / Sunglasses, Karen Walker / Rings, Catbird and Jennie Kwon. On Quincy: Sweater, Joe Fresh / Pants, Gap / Moccasins, Freshly Picked

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Where do you go for advice on motherhood and parenting?

My mom.

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On Hayden: Stripe Dress, Boy+Girl via Steven Alan / Hi-Top Sneakers, Converse.

Do you own a diaper bag? If so, which one do you use?

I’ve never owned a diaper bag. I mostly use a large Longchamp tote to carry around his diapers, snacks and toys. And nowadays, I just pack a couple of diapers, wipes, and a small book into whatever purse I’m carrying that day. I’ve become a minimalist since Quincy was born – I only take the necessities with me!

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Your favorite baby gadget?

We don’t have many gadgets but if there is one thing we can’t live without, it’s Inglesina’s Fast Table Chair. It hooks onto the island in our kitchen, which is where we love to hangout as a family. It’s also a lifesaver when we’re dining out at restaurants!

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Any advice on marriage after kids?

Date nights are essential!!

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Look at those teeth!

Do you plan to give Quincy a sibling anytime soon?

We’d love to grow our family so yes, I’d love to give Q-Pie a sibling soon. My husband Abe is pushing for 3 but I say let’s take it one kid at a time!

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Your favorite DIY to date?

They are truly all favorite, but I recently DIYed mandala out of children’s stickers for Quincy’s art wall. It was so much fun to make that I’ve made several since then for expectant friends for their babies’ nurseries.

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On Me: Sweatshirt, American Apparel / Drawstring denim shorts, Michael Stars / Sneakers, H&M / Canvas Bag, Freda Salvador. On Hadley: Zip Sweater, Mini Boden via Nordstrom / Dress, H&M / Hi-Top Sneakers, Converse.

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Your favorite recipe on Honestly Yum?

I made a killer crepe cake for Mother’s Day. Thin, delicate crepes were stacked with a limoncello mascarpone creme in between each layer. The entire thing was topped with fresh raspberries and flowers. Not only was it delicious, it was probably the most beautiful thing I’ve ever made!

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What advice would you give to a first-time mom?

Don’t overthink it and trust your instincts.

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Will there be an “Honestly Baby” coming up?

Maybe ;)

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Thank you so much to Erica, Quincy, and Abe, for joining us on a playdate! I have *honestly* fallen in love with Erica’s entire family! :) I hope you did as well, and don’t forget to follow HonestlyWTF + HonestlyYUM for endless style and recipe inspirations!

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All opinions shared here are my own. Many thanks for supporting my sponsor and my playdate series! xo Jeanne

Photography by the lovely Ashley Batz