How I Manage Instagram For Harlow & Grey


Hey friends, happy new year!

After taking a break over the holidays, and now getting back into the daily grind with work and family schedules, I’m finally able to find some time to write on this lovely blog of mine. I do feel a little rusty, but hey, I miss sharing things with you! So as much as I thought I was going to quit this thing called blogging, I might just keep it around for a little longer. :)

And while I stayed mostly low-key on my personal social media lately, I’m certainly still very active over on Harlow & Grey’s Instagram. As you may know, I run all the marketing and social media for H&G. I find that running a personal account vs. a business account is a totally separate thing. For my personal SST account, I feel like I can be more spontaneous and post as I go. But for H&G’s business account, it is all about the PLANNING! Especially if you want to create a certain aesthetic to convey your branding and messaging.

In the beginning, I was treating H&G’s Instagram as if it was my own. But it turned out to be a total time suck – I kept finding myself scraping for last minute content and trying to find the right message to say. I would literally spend hours on my phone just trying to find that one picture to post. The worst is when I realized that after I posted something it didn’t even go with the overall feed! The process was very inefficient and it totally distracted me from doing my other important work.

Just right before the holiday season began, I looked into my friend, Brandy Pham (who owns her own jewelry line) and her husband’s social media planning app, Planoly. Brandy had shared with me her app before when it first launched in 2015. Her and her husband developed this app because she was frustrated with planning social media for her jewelry business and so they decided to come out with an app that focuses on visual planning and scheduling content on Instagram. I didn’t jump on board at first because I thought that I already knew what I was doing, so why would I need an app? Oh, was I wrong.

Ever since I started using Planoly, my posts have been more consistent and that there’s a nice flow to the feed. Of course, there’s the other side of planning too where you actually have to shoot the photos, I’ll save that for another post. But I was able to block out time in my schedule to plan content that would cover the week ahead. And it even allowed me to have a stress-free holiday where I didn’t have to worry about losing momentum with the account. I was on a Disneyland trip with my family over the holidays and I still knew exactly what I needed to post for H&G. Since H&G sells partyware, the holidays was a crucial time to connect with customers and having my content all planned out during my trip was a godsend!

My main point here is that I cannot recommend Planoly enough to anyone who uses Instagram for business! Not just because it was started by a personal acquaintance, nor was it because I was recently featured on their blog talking about business, motherhood, and Harlow & Grey. But because I truly find this app so intuitive and so helpful! The app is adorned by some of my favorite brands such as Anthropologie and Glossier, and they’re continually innovating new features into the app. The best part is that when I get to hire a social media assistant – hopefully soon – this app would be a such a great way to collaborate and still allow me to manage my company’s account.

If you’re not already using it, I highly recommend giving it a try! Any other social media planning tools that has been helpful to you?

Xo Jeanne