Steller App + The Future Of Blogging


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See my Steller story on a recent brunch with Jennifer Chong & Hayden at The Cavalier.

For quite some time now, I’ve been thinking about the trend of blogging. Are blogs going to be around in the next few years? Will I still be uploading my content on WordPress in 2018? Can I just do everything on my iPhone already?! With the way the digital world is moving, especially with our mobile devices, I contemplated on shifting my social media focus on mobiles only, like micro-blogging on Instagram. But while Instagram is fun and easy, I still feel like it lacks substance.

Recently, I’ve discovered a new app called Steller, designed by a brother and sister team, Brian McAniff and Karen Poole, here in San Francisco. It’s a visual storytelling mobile app that lets you combine images, videos, and text to tell your story effortlessly and beautifully. The design is very sleek and user-friendly, and they even make your content look sleek by offering tasteful templates & fonts. The feel is as if you are flipping through a mini magazine. I didn’t have much trouble figuring out how to use the app, except it did take me some time to get use to all the functions. I also love the dual meaning behind the name (or at least how I see it). The “teller” in Steller means storyteller. And Steller sounds very much, well, like stellar. Smart names are just sexy! 

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See my Steller Story on Hayden’s Mini Style – I love this one! 

As with any design-focused app, it’s pretty intimidating yet inspiring to see what the users are already doing with it. There are a lot of beautiful content on there and lots of interesting stories and discoveries to be made. I think the majority of the users are mostly creatives (at least that’s what’s showing up on my feed). However, I do see the potential to be widespread to a mass market and gain popularity with digital influencers and brands. I can already see a funny Buzzfeed story in there!

But anyway, I honestly think that this can be the next trend for blogging. I’m always on my phone and I love that I can do my stories on the go. I re-created the Derek Lam spring/summer previewwhich I blogged a few weeks ago, as my first Steller story while I was in a car ride. I’m not saying I’m deleting my blog anytime soon, but I must admit that it was much easier for me to share my content on Steller than on my WordPress.

What do you think? Do you think an app like this can be the future of blogging? Or do you think this is just another social media platform? Can blogs be replaced? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

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Have a great weekend, everyone! xo Jeanne