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I’m a lucky gal. I received some really cute gifts recently from some very special people, and I thought they were so cool I just had to share…

This is F*cking Important notebook

1 My lovely sister, Christina, got me this awesome notebook. She sure knows how I love a good humor and I think this notebook is hilarious! I mean, you know how important it is for us bloggers to jot down everything, right?!! Check out her profile here. She is super cute and can really whoop-your-ass!

Indeeyo  A Falling Whistle necklace

2. A Falling Whistle necklace from my new friend, Jasmin, the “do-it-all” girl who runs the wonderful online shop, Indeeyo. This necklace is a campaign ‘for peace in the Congo’ and 100% of FW proceeds are used to rehabilitate and advocate for war-affected children. This piece looks really cute on and is inexpensive. I’ve already worn it a few times since I received it last week. If you, too, want to wear your protest, get yours here

Anthropologie Lifestyle Notebook

3. I got another wonderful {shopaholic} blogger notebook from my friend, Jeanne…or shall I call her my “evil twin” since we have the same name spelled exactly the same way! She bought this super cute notebook for me while shopping at Anthropologie and gave this to me when we went to the Decorator Showcase together. I mean, how sweet is that?!

Upstate hand-dyed scarf Refinery29 Shop Crawl

4. This beautiful Upstate hand-dyed scarf was actually something I got at the Refinery29 Shop Crawl I went to few weeks back. It wasn’t cheap but I took advantage of the 30% discount, so I like to think it was a semi-gift from Refinery. :)

5. The MOR lotion was another gift my sister got me along with the notebook she gave me. This lotion is some serious stuff! It’s silky, soft, yet non-greasy, and the rose tiger lily scent smells ah-mazing!

Jasmine Soap

6. This is a jasmine scent bar soap I found at the local market in my neighborhood (ok, fine, it’s another little gift to myself!) The packaging totally caught my eye and for $1.49 I couldn’t pass it up. Oh, and some yellow tulips too. :)

Well, I hope you all have some nice weekend plans ahead of you. I have a wedding to go to tomorrow, and thank goodness I did manage to pick out an outfit from the Banana Republic After 5 Event I went to last night. I’ll snap a few shots of my outfit and will share that with you next week along with some pictures I took last night.

See you all next week. Have a good one, everybody!

{images: shop sweet things with jeanne}