How To Make A Room More Inviting (It’s Not Just Adding Another Pillow)


One place I spend a lot of time in is my home office. It’s where I blog, run my business, take conference calls, and pay my bills! So I’m pretty confined to one space – actually more like one corner. I haven’t been able to spend too much time decorating my new home since moving in. My home office is literally made up of a desk, a chair and a white cabinet – all in a corner. Simply put, it’s not very inviting, nor interesting.

I wanted to make my office more cozy and a space that I enjoy spending time in. After all, most of my day is spent here. Now, I’m not an interior designer or anything, but I do know that one sure way to make a room more inviting is by adding some seating. Chairs are great, but if your room allows you to fit in a sofa, I’d say go for the sofa! It’s also a great way to add a little luxury to a room. So there I was, on a mission to find myself one.

While doing some research on which sofa to buy, I was introduced by the team at Burrow to try their new line of modular and customizable sofas. The modular feature is nothing new in the market, but I was delighted to learn about their other key features:

  1. It’s stain resistant so I can enjoy my coffee (or wine) here without worry.
  2. There’s a built-in USB charging port so I don’t have to go back to my desk to charge my device.
  3. The material is durable and sustainably sourced and made in USA.
  4. The cushions are reversible so you can either go for the tufted or the un-tufted look, whatever suits your mood.
  5. The no-fuss-no-tool assembling has got to be their best feature! They even have an   online tutorial to guide you the process. The sofa was shipped in 4 boxes and I only spent about 20 minutes putting it together. I didn’t have to deal with any hard-to-read instructions or defective screws that didn’t fit. Remember those trip out to Home Depot trying to find the right screws for your *ahem* Ikea furniture? I know we’ve all been there. 

It’s been almost three weeks now since I have my Burrow sofa and I honestly love it! It’s surprisingly sturdy and comfortable, and I love that I can take a break from my desk.  My kids also love hanging out with me here and telling me about their day. The sofa isn’t terribly expensive, and again it’s durable so it’s nice not having to worry about them jumping on it. It is slowly becoming a second living room  – yet it still feels like it’s my space.

If you’re looking to add (or replace) a sofa, I would recommend giving Burrow a try. They offer free shipping and 30 day trial, so really, there’s nothing to lose. And I promise that you won’t be making a trip to Home Depot for that defective screw. 😉

Xo Jeanne

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