My Advice To A Happy Friendsgiving



Hey there, have you started planning your Thanksgiving feast yet? One of my favorite parts of this holiday is the gathering of friends. As life gets busier with work and family lives, we often forget to schedule time in with friends. So when the BRONG team – Banana Republic, Old Navy, and Gap – invited a few of us to gather for a Friendsgiving shoot and outfit us in their latest holiday wear, I was super excited!

While this shoot is brought to you by Gap Inc., all the food and styling involved was brought together by the talented lifestyle/food/fashion bloggers in this shoot. Caitlin designed and spearheaded pretty much the whole set, down to the turkey on the table! And each of us, Erin, Therese, Erica, Todd, Amanda, Nicole, and myself all brought in beautiful side dishes, desserts, cocktails, and beautiful decor. It was a lot of fun doing this shoot together!

So what’s my favorite advice for Friendsgiving? I’ve got two. One is to offer to bring take-out boxes or containers so that everyone leaves happy with leftovers. Two is wear something comfy and festive that will allow you to eat! This one is tricky because holiday wear aren’t always comfy, but what fun is Friendsgiving if you can’t be yourself?

The Gap team provided us with racks and racks of holiday wear to choose from. They’re rich in colors, textures and patterns AND they’re comfortable. The option was endless! The very first thing that caught my eyes was this Metallic Swing Skirt from Gap. Absolutely my new favorite and I might just wear it to everything. It’s easy, shiny, and makes me very happy! I paired it with a classic staple from Banana Republic, a Grey Cashmere Blend Sweater You can get 40% off on all of this (including Old Navy) until 11/15. It can’t get better than that!

Go ahead, scroll down! I hope this shoot will inspire you on all your upcoming festivities, gathering AND dressing! We had such a great time here and I hope you will too with your friends and family. Have a happy Thanksgiving season!

Xo Jeanne







Old Navy Friendsgiving



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Set Design by Caitlin Flemming // Photography by Delbarr Moradi & Old Navy// Food by Jessica Robertson // Table setting and decor by Elsie Green // My Outfit, Gap Metallic Swing Skirt, BR Grey Cashmere Blend Sweater

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