Monday Thoughts…



Hello everyone, ready for a new week?

I feel like my weekend literally started on Thursday on Halloween. We had an entire day packed with Halloween festivities and I was so beat by the time we got home that night. But in all, it was really nice to see the kids happy and enjoy this fun holiday. I have to say, Halloween doesn’t quite kick in for parents until their kid goes to pre-school. They have school parties and that they realize dressing up and trick-or-treating is actually fun! Hayden’s been keeping her candy in a safe box like they are her treasure. It’s pretty cute and funny!

Wow, so I can’t believe we are already into November. I’m still in shock how fast this year has gone by. I suppose having that second baby really does speed up time. This month, I’m taking Blogging Your Way and am also relaunching the new design of my blog in a few weeks. I’m also putting something exciting together to kick off the relaunch. Should be pretty cool! Hopefully, everything will launch smoothly. Computer stuff are so scary, right? But I’m crossing my fingers and trying not to jinx myself. :)

Anyway, this photo was taken over the weekend when Hayden was trying to do her hula hoop dance, AND photobombing when I was trying to take a picture with Hadley. She is so silly these days and always try to make us laugh! I honestly cannot imagine my days without them anymore.

Hope you all have a great week. See you back here soon! xo Jeanne