Promise Is A Promise


I know I promised a while back that I would share some photos from Maui… but truth be told, we were by the pool most of the time and I’m just a bit shy to show off my bikini bod. :) So instead of pictures of me, I decided to show you something a little cuter – my daughter’s twinkie little toes touching sand for the very first time…and some food we had along the way.

Enjoying some chips and salsa with my Guavosa (guava + champagne) while we stayed here.

Enjoying the view as we walked down to the beach at the resort.

Trying a traditional hawaiian dish, laulau – pork wrapped in taro leaf.

Can’t go wrong with some bbq kalbi ribs too!

Strolling through a craft fair.

Yummy toro and hamachi belly.

More fish! We came here twice!

Getting our grub on at the Kihei Cafe…Best. Pancakes. Ever. It was covered with crushed macademia nuts and fresh bananas and I drizzled it with their special house coconut syrup… it was so ono-licious!

This is how a corned beef hash should look like (not the ones from Hormel!)

Came here one night for dinner. It was a total tourist trap, but the view was to die for! We pretty much paid $150 to get a family photo in front of this view. Haha!

Wishing to be by the beach on a gorgeous, warm day with my baby again.