Kick Back and Relax


Oh man, I think it’s been a couple of weeks now since I’ve gone to my bikram yoga. The two big B’s have been totally taking over my life lately (Baby and Blogging!), and I’m feeling really gross, stiff, and guilty! Hopefully, going back today will re-energize me and get me back on track.

Afterwards, I think I’m just gonna kick back and relax! (yes, I’m checking out a tad early for the weekend, hehe.) I haven’t flipped through a magazine in a while, and it kills me that the pile I have in the living room is doing nothing but collecting dust. While I adore all the lovely glossies online, I’m going to shut off my computer and read a magazine the old fashion way!

Hope y’all have a nice, dry weekend, and I’ll see you back next week with my Twenty Dollar MondaysI sorta changed the name from “Monday’s Twenty Dollar Finds” since I feel this has a nicer ring to it :)

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