How To Set-Up A Bar Lounge At Home


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I’m constantly looking for new ways to pamper myself and compensate all the hard work I put in. Especially now that I’m working more hours on my new project, I think it’s only fair that I indulge myself any chance I get. And by indulge, I don’t mean to splurge on a new Céline bag (although that would be nice from time to time), but what I mean is to find ways to add luxury to my everyday life.

What I’ve done for myself lately is to create a little corner of luxury at home. And trust me, you don’t need to live in a big space to have luxury. It’s really about what you surround yourself with. For me, one of my latest obsessions is collecting pretty and sophisticated barware, so I’ve partnered with Chambord & Refinery29 to share a list of 8 luxury essentials to creating a bar lounge at home. The result? Not only does it feel inviting but it also added a whole new function to this space! Good enough for myself and to entertain friends. Check it out!


1. Bar Tray. I love having several trays around because they’re so handy for corralling and transporting objects around the home. I use them for storing magazines, breakfast-in-bed, and in this case, a portable bar where I can create a bar lounge anywhere in the home.


2. Ice-bucket. You probably don’t want to keep walking back and forth to your kitchen to get ice, so get yourself a handsome ice-bucket and call it a day!


3. Glassware. I like to stock up on high and low glassware for options. I know there are rules on what drinks go with what glassware, but to be quite honest, I use what suits my mood. ;)


4. Cocktail Shaker & Coasters. Shiny things make me happy and I love my silver cocktail shaker (above) and silver coasters (below) that are designed based on the timeless elegance of French champagne buckets.


5. Jigger, Tongs & Drink StirrerThere are some really nice bar tool sets out there (like this gold + marble one), but for easy transportation and everyday entertaining, these three essentials will do.


5. Liqueur of Choice. Most of the time, I drink for leisure and relaxation, so for cocktails I like to stay with something light and sweet. I love mixing Chambord with tonic water or champagne as the black raspberry liqueur adds another layer of flavor. It’s such a delightful way to end the day!


6. Flowers. To set the mood, don’t forget to get some flowers to help you feel indulged. Again, you don’t need to spend a whole lot on flowers, a few stems in a bud vase instantly adds life and colors to your bar lounge.


7. Decor. I’m no interior expert but what I’ve learned about decorating a home is to surround yourself with anything that lifts your mood. Anything that drags you down or feels like an eye sore, get rid of it. This is one of the best advice I got from my interview with Nate Berkus, remember? Lately, I’m really into faux fur and muted tones so I decided to layer my little corner with faux fur pillows and throw for luxury and warmth.


8. Candles & Small Plates. To further set the mood, nothing beats having tealight candles around. They’re inexpensive and I always keep a stash at home. And if you happen to have guests around for small bites or treats, bring some plates with you too. I mean, I think my marble paper plates come in quite handy and chic for everyday entertaining. :)


So, have I inspired you to create a bar lounge at home? By the way, you are welcome to join me in my corner anytime. :)

xo Jeanne


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