Emmanuelle Moureaux Achitecture + Design



I usually don’t post on architecture, in fact, I don’t at all.  But when I come across something as amazing as this I think I kinda have to!

Can you guess what this building is?


umm…guess again…

Designer Bank Japan

Designer ATM

It’s Sugamo Shinkin Bank in Japan! Yes, a bank! I was simply stunned when I saw this on Black Eiffle. Isn’t it so cool? If my bank looked like this I would have so much more fun visiting my bank tellers.

Sugamo Shinkin Bank in Japan

Beautiful Architecture

Since I was so intrigued by this architecture, I though I’d visit the firm’s website to learn more… and look what else I found…

Emmanuelle Moureaux Cooking School Studio!

A Cooking School Studio!

Amazing Interior Design

so KAWAII!!!

Amazing Design by Emmanuelle Moureaux

If you like what you see here, check out Emmanuelle Moureaux Architecture + Design. You’ll be amazed at the other projects they have in store!

{images: emmanuelle moureaux architecture + design, souce: black eiffle}