Private Chef For A Day With Kitchit



One incredible thing about living in SF today is that we get to brag about all the cool and amazing start-ups here, even on things we never thought we could afford — like hiring a private chef. Yup, you heard that right.

Some of you may have heard or even tried Kitchit already, a service where you can hire a private chef to cook dinner at the comfort of your own home. You can choose from their restaurant-quality prix fixe menus, send invitation through Kitchit, and there’s even an option to split the bill or treat your guests while booking the service online. The entire experience is seamless! Spoiler: the chef even loads your dirty dishes into the dishwasher!

Kitchit recently rolled out a same-day service called Kitchit Tonight with an even more price-friendly option at $39/person. Book the dinner by 1pm and your private chef will show up at your door the very same night. Talk about planning a last minute party!

I think this is perfect for busy professionals or families who doesn’t have time to plan dinner parties — but still want to enjoy quality time with loved ones at home without all the stress. My dear cousin, Gloria‘s husband was turning 40. They didn’t make any dinner plans, because, well, they have 3 kids, and we all know that dining out with kids is not “really” dining out. It’s more like work, haha! So I suggested to Gloria that we should try Kitchit Tonight for her husband’s birthday at her home.

All we had to do was set the table, pour the wine, and wait to be served! We did, however, had to keep the kids entertained while we waited, but that was easy since we didn’t have to prep or cook anything. :)

Check out some of our pics during the dinner!



A little event-stylist in the making! Love that my niece, Taylor, helped out with setting the table. She tucked these gold flatwares from Frances Lane into the napkins, so simple and cute!




Our private chef, Vivian Vivas, prepping our first course. Fresh roasted beets salad with a delicious and tangy cranberry vinaigrette dressing. 





They also offer kids menu at just $9 a meal! Can’t go wrong with a saucy spaghetti! We had 5 kids at the table. It was so cute to have them dine at the table with us. 





Our chef prepping the main course: roasted chicken breast with butternut squash puree and king trumpet mushrooms. Yum!



Happy birthday to my cousin-in-law! No one would ever guessed you just hit the big 4-0. And thanks to my cousin, Gloria, for hosting Kitchit Tonight at your lovely home! (It’s kind of becoming like my second home :))



We ended the final course with chocolate beignets (sorry, ate it all before I got a chance to take pictures). The kids ran off to play as usual, but it was all good because we were at home and they could be as loud and crazy as they wanted. Us, on the other hand, hardly had to do any cleaning-up because all the dishes were already done ~ amazing! Thank you so much, chef Vivas!

What better way to celebrate a birthday other than spending quality time with your friends & family, right? Thank you Kitchit for the unique and delightful experience! What-A-treat!

Kitchit Tonight (the same-day, more budget-friendly option) is currently available in SF only. If you decide to give it a try, be sure to include #Kitchit (and tag @Kitchit @shopsweetthings if you like) in your social sharing so we can check out your dinner!

Have a happy weekend, everyone! And DON’T FORGET about these two SF/Bay Area events, I hope to meet you all in person!

xo Jeanne


This post is kindly sponsored by Kitchit. All opinions shared here are my own. Thank you so much for supporting my sponsors and letting me share my experiences with you!