Mini + Me: Top 5 Reads For The Mini


Hello, hello, welcome back, friends! As I said yesterday, I’ll be introducing a new column each day this week. And today, I’m introducing “Mini+Me”. It’s no secret that I’m a mother, and my lifestyle is now very much revolved around raising a little kiddo. I wanted to have a space where I can share cute and stylish things all baby/kids related. And really, to use this space as an inspiration for you (and myself) on how to stay stylish and keep your cool as a new mom. I think it’s important that for any woman who are entering motherhood, she should continue to feel good, look good, and embrace the new lifestyle to the fullest. And if you’re not anywhere close to being a mother yet, hopefully this column will show you that there’s still life after motherhood. :)

So, let’s get down to some (baby) business! One thing I really enjoy doing with my daughter is building her little book collection. From Dr. Seuss to Goodnight San Francisco, Baby H has her classics covered. However, I also like to get her books that are visually appealing and engaging. After all, I’m the one who will be reading these books to her over and over again, so it’s pretty darn important that we get books we both enjoy. So, here I am today, sharing with you my top 5 reads for the mini:

1. DWELL STUDIO, FEEL & TOUCH. You can pretty much quote me that the Dwell Studio book collection is becoming the new classic for every baby’s library. We love the whole series, and Baby H actually have a few she adores. The graphics are simple, well-spaced, and the book has engaging textures to keep those tiny hands busy!

2. ROMEO & JULIET. This mini-version of a Shakespeare classic might just be my favorite yet! Ok, maybe this book is more for me than for her. But the colors and typography are super cute, and the content is age-appropriate enough to sneak in a little high literature for the little ones. I think that’s a win-win!

3. SPRING IS HERE. This is a really cute book to teach the cycle-of-life messages to your little ones. It has quirky illustrations and contrasting colors. The tiniest drawings in the book has Baby H pointing to me as if she had discovered something in the book. It’s kinda cute!

4. KIKA, MY FIRST WORD BOOK. This is a very cute first word book. Fun and simple illustrations with the character’s name that is easy to pronounce. It’s important that when your kids are starting to learn words, giving them a book they can easily pronounce will give them more confidence in learning.

5. FLIP A SHAPE: YUM! We love how graphically bold and playful this book is! Applying shapes while learning about food, this book really gets Baby H’s mind working!

And may I add that all of these books have a 4.5-5 star on Amazon reviews, so I’m not the only mommy who agrees that these are top reads for babies. :) Not a mommy? Got friends with kids? These will make great gifts for baby showers, holidays, and kids’  birthdays too – just sayin’.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

(Images via Shop Sweet Things)