How Do You Glow?








I haven’t visited The Glow in a while and came across so many beautiful pictures there I wanted to share. Seeing all these gorgeous moms and their babies just want to make you step up your game and make yourself glow a little, doesn’t it?

As a young mom, there are certainly days I feel unpretty. Making yourself a priority is almost next to impossible when caring for your child, your work and your home all comes first. I still remember prior to being a mom, I can easily find time to put myself together and commit to a workout schedule. But now, I have more like 15mins to put on my face, if I’m lucky.

There are times where I would feel frustrated and wish there are more time in a day (also, a 24/7 nanny could be helpful!) However, feeling frustrated only makes things worse, I know. So I wonder, what do young moms do to make themselves feel better, or glow, in this case? Please share your tips, I ‘d love to hear!

(Images via The Glow)