Art After School at The de Young Fine Arts Museum


It’s been a goal of mine to help Hayden explore and advance her art skills. She’s really good at drawing and has a special gift for art. I know every parent says that about their kids, BUT Hayden is very detailed and patient and amazingly creative!

Right now, she’s learning a lot about dos and don’ts and how art is “supposed” to look like – mostly inspired by things she sees in coloring books, cartoon characters, and everyday life. She loves drawing her family (which is suuuper sweet and I keep each and every one of them), and she’s really into creating these mini story books with pop-out art, which puts me in awe every time!

Since I think she is on this verge of really enjoying making art, I want to take advantage of this time in her life and help her open up her mind a little too. I want her to learn that there are many different types of art and that there are no right or wrong ways of making something. So, I’ve been looking into kids art classes in the city.

It just so happen that the de Young Museum recently launched a new educational program for children called Art after School and they invited Hayden to try out a course! I was really thrilled when I found out about the program and was even more thrilled that Hayden was ecstatic about taking it.

To give you more details, the Art after School is a four-week program offering in-depth exploration of the museum’s collection combined with art-making and hands-on instruction. Through this program, students learn about art history over many centuries and across many cultures, from the museum’s holdings of tribal art to their renowned collection of American paintings and more.

Hayden just finished her first 4-week program where she learned different tools to make art. And we’re not talking about just using the traditional paint brushes, but also using everyday object as tools such as Q-tips and bubble wrap. I just love how this program helps Hayden stretches her mind and exposes her to techniques and philosophies that I would never be able to teach her myself. If you’re, too, interested in enrolling your child, make sure you register soon! They have classes for age 6-13 and the price is very affordable (and members get a discounted price.) Spots are very limited and they fill up quickly!

Images 1, 3 and 5 are by Jeanne/Shop Sweet Things. The rest are photography by Andria Lo courtesy of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.