Wildlife Works Gives Back


At the Wildlife Works’ launch party, a lifestyle/apparel collection dedicated to carbon neutral sustainable fashion. Here’s a picture with Joyce Hu, creative director of the company. She’s looking stylish with the Siri Cropped top from the women’s collection!

Casey’s Pizza, first SF pizza truck, at the Wildlife Works launch party!! Nom nom nom with my favorite party girl, Amber (Amber’s Notebook

So neat to see my dear friends at this event! Left to right: Donavan, Jeanne (don’t you just love her name?), Oscar, and Tim. 

The party was held at Hangr 16, a clothing store in the Mission carrying lines from local designers and fashion innovators from all around the world. The crowds also went nuts for these delicious cinnamon sugared almonds from Good Karma Creations

A little photo booth action with a handmade fabric from Kenya as backdrop. Top left: Lindsay (local publicist) & Punam (Nothing Broken), Top right: Joyce Hu & I, Bottom: Kim (J’adore Couture), Adele (The Fashionista Lab) and Elizabeth (Mission:Closet

Punam & Amber with their goody bags! 

Want to support an eco-friendly brand that turns your dollars into saving endangered wildlife and preserving forests around the globe? Wildlife Works has a great mission for that. For every purchase you make, your dollar goes directly to supporting the trifecta for successful conservation efforts: the community, the forests, and the precious wildlife!

It’s hard to imagine that these problems exist when we’re living our day-to-day life in a busy city like San Francisco. But in reality, these are serious global problems we don’t think about everyday. I’m really glad to be acquainted with brands like Wildlife Works who makes an effort to bring these problems to our attention. I think it is really important to show the fashion community that running a company that is socially, culturally and environmentally responsible is altogether doable!

Check out the video of the party here!

(Images via Shop Sweet Things & Wildlife Works)