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SNEAKPEEQ party - Jellybeans

SNEAKPEEQ party - Skinnygirl Margarita

When you put margaritas and sample sales together, you’re pretty darn sure your week is off to a good start! I attended Sneakpeeq’s first trunk show earlier this week on Tuesday night. They are a social shopping app on Facebook which allows you to shop in-season products and brands daily, while scoring amazing deals by “peeqing” your desire item(s) with your friends. I know it’s a fairly new shopping concept. I attended their live demo a few months back so feel free to read up on it  here.

SNEAKPEEQ trunk Show

SNEAKPEEQ Sample sale

I, of course, headed straight into the sample sales room right after I got my glass of Skinnygirl margarita. (It was my first time trying the Skinnygirl, btw, have you tried it?  Not bad, Bethany Frankel!) The room was full of goodies with top brands from Kate Spade, Halston Heritage, CC Skye, Bryna Nicole, and Tarina Tarantino to name a few. All the prices were at least 50% off… so was it tempting to stay in that room? Oh you bet it was!

Eli (Thrift Eye), Elizabeth (Mission:Closet),  and Adelle (The Fashionista Lab)

Hanging out with some of my blogger friends: Eli (Thrift Eye), Elizabeth (Mission:Closet),  and Adelle (The Fashionista Lab)

 Me, Eli, Becca (FreeHoney), Santina (Style by Santina), Adelle, and Elizabeth (pic. via Sneakpeeq)

Left to right – Me, Eli, Becca (FreeHoney), Santina (Style by Santina), Adelle, and Elizabeth (pic. via Sneakpeeq)

sexy heels from Halston Heritage

Couldn’t keep my eyes off of this pair of sexy heels from Halston Heritage. Wish I have more guts to wear something this sexy…

CC Skye strap bracelets.

Adelle and I picked out some studded CC Skye strap bracelets. (They were only $10 bucks! The same ones are currently sold for $95. Talk about a steal!)

Amber (from Amber's Notebook)

Here’s Amber (from Amber’s Notebook) contemplating whether or not to get this super cute Halston Heritage dress listed for $100 (orig. $400) . Unfortunately, she didn’t because it was too long… but didn’t it look so stunning on her? It was like the prettiest red-orange for a dress.

Amber (from Amber's Notebook) Red Dress

CC Skye necklace

Well, you know me, I couldn’t walk away with just one item, especially in a sample sale. So I also picked up this very delicate, gold plated necklace for $40. I wasn’t sure if it was a good deal though I am a sucker for intricate jewelry. I later found out that it was another CC Skye necklace originally sold for $150. So, good deal indeed. :)

A special thanks and congrats to everyone at Sneakpeeq and co-founder/CEO Harish Abbott for hosting such a successful event! It was a great way to get fashion, lifestyle, and tech savvy bloggers to shop together. I look forward to many future trunk shows to come. Until then, you will surely find me “peeqing” in Facebook.

As for my readers, I urge you to try the app now and enter PEEQSUM20 for 20% off your purchase by August 14. They feature new brands daily and constantly adding new ones. They also have excellent artisan confections for my foodie friends too!

Have fun and happy peeqing!

(All images taken by Shop Sweet Things with Jeanne other than noted.)