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Alright, so I’m awfully bad at editing out photos. But for this one, I figure that picture speaks louder than words.

About two weekends ago, I decided to surprise George with a cooking class at SF Cooking School for his birthday. George is a tech geek by day and a chef at Chez Hu by night (aka our home!). He loves to cook but had never taken a class before, so I thought this would be a really nice gift for him. To top it off, I was able to enroll us for a class taught by Chef Anthony Strong from Locanda… and if you know anything about us, you know we’re HUGE fans! So really, this couldn’t have been better!

The class was 5 hours, and in that time, we made 8 mouth-watering dishes! From starters to main dishes to dessert, chef Strong got us covered! We used the freshest herbs, vegetables, meats and ingredients for our dishes. There were about 12 people in the class and we all got pretty hands-on. We prepped artichokes, made fresh pasta, cooked fresh fish, made vegetable stock, baked souffles, and well, drank wine in between. I’m more of a side dish gal, so I was most excited to learn how to make their signature Jewish artichokes and their chilled tribe with olive oil and mint. The ingredients were simple but everything turned out so flavorful. As for the souffles, I think I’m just better off eating them. :)

Anthony was a wonderful chef and teacher. He is a super nice and humble guy! I love that he keeps it real and has just the right dose of humor. I would highly recommend anyone to take a class from him. Or any classes at SFCS, for that matter. Their classes are diverse and fun for all levels! Even for an amateur like me who has trouble using a pairing knife – no joke! 

George and I had a wonderful time! We’ve been wanting to spend some quality time together as a couple since Hadley came along, and this was really fun and different for us. It’s nice to reconnect again after many sleepless nights and caring for our two little girls. I’m just really glad that George loved his birthday present, and I was able to keep the surprise for more than a month! :)

This post is kindly sponsored by SF Cooking School. Thank you so much to SFCS for the wonderful experience and allowing me to share this with my readers! SF Cooking School 690 Van Ness, San Francisco, Civic Center. All photos by Shop Sweet Things via iPhone5 and DSLR.