Mira Mira: Lookbook to Runway


If there’s one lady who knows how to create buzz for her shop, it’s gotta be shop owner Mira Pickett from Mira Mira. Her stylish little boutique on the 22nd/Valencia street may be less than a year old, but it has already landed itself to be the “must-stop” shop on the Refinery 29’s Guide to the Mission district.

This is a woman who doesn’t care if she’s new on the block. All she cares about is that she loves fashion and she loves bringing people together. So last Thursday night, Mira decided to put on a special event by showcasing her first-ever lookbook onto the runway! She even had some of my favorite SF fashion bloggers – Laura, On The Racks;  Jennie, Going West; and Blair, Atlantic Pacific – strutted down the runway with outfits they styled themselves! How brilliant! 

The show was held at the Pretty Pretty Collective – a space that is a salon by day and a gallery by night. It wasn’t a huge space. I’d say the most people you can pack in there was probably 50, so I was really honored to have been invited to this private event that was specifically for bloggers and press. Prior to the show, guests enjoyed locally made cupcakes from Sea Bells and B&W polaroid portraits taken live from the amazing PhotoboothSF’s vintage 1960 camera! (remember this badass tintype photo I took from there too?)

All in all, the show was a wonderful success and it certainly made me want to go shopping at Mira Mira right after the show! If you’re looking for that edgy-romantic style, this is the place to be! But aside from all the pretty glitz and glam, I really want to point out how much I admire Mira as a new and small entrepreneur. Thinking outside of the box and doing something different is not easy these days, yet she managed to pull an event together that was quite unique that got the whole local fashion community talking about it. Something every entrepreneur should think about! Bravo Mira!

As with all my previous blog events, I’ve always used my camera phone to take pictures. This time was no different, but I do want to apologize for my blurry shots here because as you know phone cameras are not meant for actions. I know I should really be using my Canon Rebel more often, but today I am quite proud to say that all of the event photos I’ve taken so far are with my Apple iPhone 4. I think it catches a certain (candid) mood that I wouldn’t have otherwise caught it with my actual camera. So, thank you Steve, for making such an incredible and handy device that is now so vital to my blogging! I will always be an iPhone and Apple user.

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Special thanks to Joanna Riedl for always keeping me in the loop!

Mira Mira 3292 22nd Street, San Francisco, Mission

(All images via Shop Sweet Things)