B. Patisserie









I finally made it to B. Patisserie over the weekend. There’s been a lot of buzz about this place lately… you can’t really blame it since it’s opened by Belinda Leong who’s been a veteran pastry chef at places like the Gary Danko and Manresa and has been trained in Paris with famed French pastry chef Pierre Hermé. That’s quite impressive, alright. She also partners with San Francisco Baking Institute founder Michel Suas on this venture. So honestly, you can’t go wrong walking in a place like this!

This shop is so cute and sweet. It’s like the perfect spot for dessert dates with just about anyone. I can see myself coming here with Hayden and Hadley, with my sisters, with my mom, with my girlfriends, with my husband, and anyone who appreciates a good dessert. The prices are a little higher than normal, but I believe in paying for quality and this place is oh-so-worth it! I picked up a few of their earl grey macarons, chocolate hazelnut cake, and the grand macaron for dessert at Erin‘s house for dinner (a good place to go if you want to impress the hostess) … and we were so pleased with how delicious everything tasted!

I don’t have one single complaint about this place, except why isn’t this place down the street from my house?!

B. Patisserie 2821 California Street, SF, Lower Pacific Heights

Images via Shop Sweet Things iPhone.