I’m Back!


kiraly x beauty & youth fur leather bag

Hi friends, as you probably know, I’m back from my trip. I had the best time in Hong Kong and Tokyo over the last two weeks. I hope I didn’t bombarded you with too many pics on Instagram, but there were so many moments and things I wanted to share. I have tons more on my phone, I’ll save it for #tbt. :) I got to eat a lot and shopped — wish I could’ve done more but it was certainly more difficult when 2 kiddos were in tow.

But that’s ok, I went on this trip with the intention of not spending a lot anyways. I told myself to be very mindful of what I was going to buy (we all know shopping during travel is very dangerous!) I made sure the pieces I did buy were things I love ~ things that were unique to me, has quality, and that I’d actually see myself wearing/using it for a while. That’s how I’ve been approaching my shopping lately anyway. It’s a great filter!

After two weeks of vacation, it’s time to get back to reality, haha. Do you have any tips on diving back into work? I’m kinda struggling… :) I guess the good thing is that holiday is upon us and I’m excited to be rounding up some gift guides around here. Who are you shopping for this season? Do you need any gift ideas?

Anyway, glad to be back! Looking forward to spending the holidays here with you!

xo Jeanne

Purse by Kiraly x Beauty & Youth bought in Tokyo. Love discovering *new-to-me brands, especially when I travel.