My Day As A Blogger


LOFT Love Your Pants 1

One question I get asked a lot as a blogger is “what do you do all day?”

Well, to be honest, no one day is the same. The schedule is as flexible as you want it to be. Though of course, the more time and work you put into it, the better your blog becomes, that’s why blogging can really turn into a full-time job.

On the busier side, my day can easily be a 12-14 hour day. As a mother of two, I usually start my day at 7am to take care of my girls, then my mom would come over by 9am to help out. I try to squeeze in 15-30 minutes to get ready. For a big portion of my day, from 9-6pm, I’m usually at home putting together content (that involves researching online, doing in-home photo shoots, editing photos, writing blog posts, etc), responding to emails and social media, and/or researching content offline (being out and about shopping and checking out new spots in the city.) And when evening comes around, there are usually industry events I try to attend. By the time I get home, it’s usually around 8pm and it would already be time to put the babies to sleep. I don’t get much time alone with my husband until 9:30/10pm at night, and that’s only if neither of us had fallen asleep!

LOFT Love Your Pants 2

And then there are days that are just completely out of the norm! Like the recent LOFT “Love Your Pants” campaign I got to participate in with other amazing bloggers. I flew over to NYC to try out their new pants, got styled and photographed for their site. It was an incredible experience and so much fun! (By the way, the sequin stripe top I’m wearing here is currently 40% off, it’s perfect for the holidays.) 

Sometimes I don’t even know where to begin when someone asks me “what do I do all day?” There are so much involved behind running a blog (and I can assure you any blogger will tell you the same.) But in the end, it feels so good to have a blog you can call your own and that you’ve created a voice that matters. Getting to work on fun projects like this, collaborating with brands, and discovering products that add value to your lifestyle is what I love doing as a blogger. xo Jeanne

Photo courtesy of LOFT. Many thanks to their amazing team for having me on the “Love Your Pants” campaign and making me look stunning!