My Workspace on Babiekins’ Blog + Happy 4th!


sst workspace

Happy Wednesday, all! Or can I say happy Friday?! I’m so excited for the 4-day weekend! Even though I don’t have much planned, I’m just looking forward to doing things around the city with my kiddos. How about you? What are you up to for July 4th?

I also wanted to share that I was recently featured on Babiekins Magazine‘s blog (a pretty cool magazine that focuses on all things trendy in a little one’s world). I had the pleasure of doing a little Q&A about my workspace ~ you can read it all here! I’m sharing a few outtakes here and just wanted to give you a glimpse into my work day (and where I blog! I’m not kidding when I say SST Headquarters is on my dining table, ha!) Anyway, this weekend is anything BUT work! So go out and have fun, people! Thanks all for stopping by this week! xo Jeanne



Been loving my Alyson Fox coffee mug!


Still Hayden’s favorite crayons and book.


 Images via Shop Sweet Things.