5 Awesome Tips On Traveling With Kids!


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Hi friends, how are you enjoying May? Got any travel plans coming up this summer? I’m certainly looking around for a good deal for a family vacay.

But doesn’t the thought of traveling with kids scares you a little? There are so much planning and packing involved, and it just feels like you can never be prepared enough. While I’m still learning on how to travel efficiently with kids, I thought I’d put together a few good tips I had found helpful traveling with Hayden and Hadley. I hope this will help you too!

1. Buy Your Diapers There. Instead of packing all the diapers you need for the trip, pack only what you need during the flight or car ride. Buy the rest at your destination — or better yet, order the diapers online and have it shipped to your hotel prior to your arrival. This is great if you’re traveling domestically.

2. Don’t Go Cheap On The Hotel. There’s a fair chance that your child can get sick during the trip. You just never know if they end up having a fever, a bad cold, or an allergy attack. With that said, you can very well be having a “staycation” in your hotel room caring for your child, and if that’s the case, a nice hotel will make ALL the difference! I just learned that there is a 15% Off Hotel Booking from 5/1 – 6/1 with promo code: GETHAPPY on Orbitz how perfect is this?! I love the convenience that I can now easily book my travel with PayPal too – so easy! Rest assure, I’m taking advantage of this promo myself.

3. Download New Apps And Movies In Advance. But don’t let them use it until you start your trip. That way, if you need to keep them occupy or kill time during a delay, you can distract them with something new and avoid the problem of not having enough apps or shows to keep them entertained. Here’s a good list of apps to start. There’s also a chance that your child can watch Frozen over and over again (ahem, Hayden), well, that works too. :)

4. Pack a First Aid Kit And An Extra Set Of Clothing. This is pretty common sense but often overlooked. Get this kid-friendly First-Aid Kit for the whole family and any medication your child would need. For me, I know I will always pack Benadryl, EpiPen, Cortizone and Aquaphor. And yes, you just never know if your child will have an accident or a spill. Even if they are potty-trained, it’s just wise to have an extra set of clothes to change out to. And pull-ups too in case you can’t locate the bathroom or they are buckled up on their flight.

5. Encourage Them To Keep A Travel Journal Or Take Pictures. This is a new tip I just learned and I thought it’s pretty cool. If your child is old enough to draw/write or take pictures, why not encourage them to document the trip in their own point-of-view? For my next trip, I plan to buy Hayden a little notebook and a disposable camera. This would keep her little hands occupied and we would also have great memory pieces to keep for the whole family. For younger kids, consider a lightweight erasable doodling pad with pen attached, like this one.

Alrighty, these are my tips for now – I think they are pretty awesome. :)  I’m so excited to plan my family trip! Do you have any tips you can pass me on traveling with kids?

xo Jeanne

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