Umami Burger // The Fifth Taste


umami burger san francisco union streetumami burger san francisco union street interiorsumami burger san francisco menu

umami burger san francisco

umami burger san francisco union street

The Umami Burger: shitaki mushroom, caramelized onion, roasted tomato, parmesan crisp, umami ketchup. 

umami burger san francisco union street interiors

umami burger san francisco union street truffle burgerumami burger san francisco union street truffle burger

The Truffle Burger: house-made truffle cheese, truffle glaze. Mmmmmm…. 

umami burger san francisco union street interiors

For the past two months, I’ve heard plenty of buzz and hype about the Umami Burger. I actually drove by this restaurant the first day it was opened in S.F. and thought I would be one of the first to get dibs on these amazing burgers – but nope, the lines were insanely long so I never got the chance to try…until yesterday.

I know Umami Burger is known for their different ingredients and flavors. But to test a real-good tasting burger, I think you have to go with the classic. So I ordered the burger with the least ingredients and that was the “Truffle burger”. My husband went for the “Umami burger”, which I thought at least one of us will have to try since that is their signature item.

When we ordered our burgers, I thought it was so clever when our waitress said to us…”Our burgers are all prepared in medium-rare, are you guys ok with that?”  Of course we are! As if she had just read our minds. This showed me that Umami really knows how a burger should be eaten…not rare, not medium, and certainly not well done!

So, here comes the question – how did it all tasted? Let’s just say the burgers tasted as good as it looked (if not, even better!)  Every single bite was so juicy, so tender, and soooo satisfying… just how a perfect burger should be! All the flavors were really rounded out. I honestly did not want anyone to bother me while I was enjoying this burger! It was literally umami, that fifth taste, coming through your taste buds. If you’ve been dying to try Umami Burger, I’d say DO IT – Asap!

UMAMI BURGER 2184 Union Street, San Francisco, Marina

(All photos via Shop Sweet Things)