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Do you ever have a hard time cooking for 2? Or in my case, 2.5. We love making dinner on the weekends but sometimes buying ingredients can cost more than dinning out, so we do get a little discouraged to cook. I also don’t like eating the same meal twice (yea, I’m one of those) so I feel like it’s such a waste when the leftovers goes bad in my fridge.

About two weeks ago, I came across The Weekend Pasta Project from Salumeria. It’s a pasta kit with a recipe containing the freshest ingredients, sauce and pasta from Flour + Water (also Salumeria’s sister restaurant). They come up with a different delicious recipe every weekend. For our weekend, we got the whole wheat tagliatelle with anise braised pork and kale. I love that everything was perfectly portioned and it served just about 2-3 persons. The best part of the experience is that the dish is restaurant quality (the fresh pasta was SO GOOD) and the recipe was easy to follow! It was a no mess, no fuss type of dinner, perfect for those weekends where you just want to take it easy and relax!

With the stormy weather in S.F. this weekend, staying in and enjoying some fresh pasta and a glass of wine wouldn’t be such a bad idea, wouldn’t it?

Have a happy weekend everyone and stay dry! xo Jeanne

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Images by Shop Sweet Things. Weekend Pasta Project kit courtesy of Salumeria – 3000 20th Street, S.F., Mission.