Thai Red Curry Mussels


thai red curry mussels

thai red curry mussels

thai red curry steamed mussels

When I’m out dining, one of my favorite indulgences is to enjoy a bowl of freshly steamed mussels, soak my bread into that garlicky white wine sauce, and all that over a glass of vino! It’s one of those things George (my husband) and I really enjoy doing. It’s been a while, and after seeing this recipe, I really miss it!

While this is not the classic take on the white wine sauce, the thought of using thai red curry totally just makes my mouth water. I suppose it’s the kick of the spice and lime that brings the good balance. So grab the bread, this will be another finger-licking sauce to soak it up with!

Anyways, have you ever attempted making mussels at home? I’ve never. But after seeing the recipe, it doesn’t seem all that difficult. I’d say cleaning and de-bearing the mussels will probably take the most work, but I don’t think it can be harder than preparing a crab. (Yes, we caught our own crabs before and made a delicious meal out of it!)  I’m pretty certain this is something my husband would be excited to try with me this weekend!

What’s on your menu?

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(Images and recipe via The Kitchn)