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Lunch date with: Eli Perez from Thrift Eye, fashion blogger.

Where are you from? I’m originally from Southern California. Born and raised in the San Gabriel Valley/Pasadena area. After college I moved to Las Vegas on a whim. I was there for five years before finally moving to San Fran!

What got you to move to SF? Moving to SF was a combination of things- just being ready to try something new, falling in love with the idea of San Francisco, and finishing my Masters degree at San Jose State. 


What do you think of the shopping scene in SF compare to the other cities you’ve been to? Shopping in San Francisco has definitely been interesting. In Las Vegas there were some awesome thrift stores. I find that you have to drive a little bit out of the city to find good thrifting. But SF has a Buffalo Exchange/Wasteland/Crossroads combination that I love because you can shop multiple brands, seasons, and price points in one swoop.

I found the whole downtown/Union Square shopping very similar to the shopping that was offered in the Las Vegas strip. I found that one of the best things to do is to find a great local and independently owned stores too! There are some really great shops in the Mission and in Hayes Valley (but really all over). I love seeing so many stores opening and thriving for all different types of tastes. 


If you get to choose one brand to wear for life, which brand would it be? This is a tough question because I find it hilarious when people dress head to toe in one brand! But if I had to choose it’d be Marc by Marc Jacobs or Custo Barcelona.


In high school, were you a mean girl or a glee girl? Oooh, this may sound hilarious but I was neither. I was the girl getting straight A’s! I was in the science club but also the editor of the school newspaper.


What did you order for lunch at Starbelly? Besides sharing a very yummy chicken liver pâté (which was my first pâté ever!) I had a very good bacon, jalapeño, arugula pizza. The menu wasn’t huge and overwhelming and I liked that.

Out of 5 stars, what would you rate Starbelly on Yelp? I’d give Starbelly four stars. It had an awesome outdoor dining area absolutely perfect for lunches! I think if I went around again and had more drinks and dinner I’d probably give it five.

Starbelly 3583 16th Street, San Francisco, Castro