Good Eggs | Farm-To-Fridge Groceries Delivery Service


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Over the weekend, I found out about a pretty cool delivery service called Good Eggs. Have you heard of it? Or maybe you’ve already tried it. Basically, it’s a farmers market online and you can order directly from your best local farmers and foodmakers and Good Eggs will deliver it straight to your door for just $3.99. (So affordable, right?) Or, if you want to skip the delivery fee, the other option is that you can pick it up for free at one of their Bay Area locations. They just fully launched the service to the entire Bay Area this weekend and are conveniently located in many pockets of SF neighborhoods, including hard to reach neighbs like the Fort Mason, The Proxy, Outer Sunset and West Portal.

I’m pretty excited about this because now that we have children, we are striving to eat better and to buy fresher food. And as much as I’d like to make it to the market daily or the farmers market on a regular basis, it’s just not happening with a toddler and a newborn. We’d be lucky to make it out to get groceries at all! I love that I can select farm-fresh groceries on the site, from organic produce to fresh-baked bread to pasture-raised meats, and I’ll get the best possible. I’m stoked to try this out and hopefully it will become part of our lifestyle. My husband will be most excited because he LOVES farm-fresh eggs. He’s all about that gorgeous, runny, orange yolk!

Ok, fine, me too. :) Will you be giving Good Eggs a try?

Here’s to happy and healthy eating to start off your Monday!

Images via Good Eggs.