Baked Coconut Beignets + Writer’s Block


baked coconut beignets

Ever get stuck on a writer’s block? Yea, I feel ya. Exactly what I’m feeling right now. I rather be out and enjoy the beautiful weather in SF. Although it’s a bit scary because we are experiencing a drought, and I almost feel bad that we are having summer-like weather. Anyway, the weatherman said we are suppose be getting rain by next week, so hopefully there’ll be some good rainy days ahead.

Anyway, I hope I can get out of this rut soon, until then I’m turning to food for comfort. No shame in that! This baked coconut beignets recipe caught my eyes mouth (ok, don’t even know if that makes sense). Happy hump day, everyone! xo Jeanne

Original image and recipe by Mess Makes Food – a twenty something-year old girl making indulgent recipes to dominate your world!