ALT Dinner with Stephmodo


I was going to start by writing about what I learned from Alt Summit, but hey, why not start with the fun things first? On Wednesday night, Alt graciously hosted complimentary dinners for groups of Alt attendees. Each group consisted of 15 people and dinners were hosted in different restaurants in Salt Lake City. However, there were three dinners that were called “interactive” dinners where the host/hostess would prep the guests supper – on the spot – and I was lucky enough to sign up for one of those. I got into the one that Stephanie from Stephmodo was hosting in Sur La Table, and boy, was I in it for a treat!

Stephanie was such a gracious hostess and was super friendly. She decorated the place with pretty flowers and mega-adorable Geronimo Balloons! With the help of Romina, the talented pastry chef behind the well-known patisserie in SLC, Les Madeleines, our 5-course dinner was out of this world! Everything tasted fresh and amazing, and I am not even exaggerating if I told you I finished every bite at that dinner!

Aside from being spoiled by a delicious meal from Stephanie, the highlight of the dinner was of course meeting other talented bloggers. I had the pleasure of sitting next to Rachel from Black Eiffel. I didn’t even realize at first that “that” was Rachel. I’ve been reading her blog since I started blogging, so needless to say, she was an inspiration to me. And really, what an honor to have been able to sat next to her! I also sat right across from Joslyn of Simple Lovely. To be honest, I didn’t know her blog. But after meeting and talking to her, I know Joslyn is one blogger I want to follow – smart, beautiful, and most importantly, she’s got a go “get-it” attitude! She recently made some bold acts and resigned from her job of 13 years to take on a position as an editor at D Home magazine – her dream job! And as Joslyn called it, it was Bold-o-rama!

This dinner was a perfect size for each of us to mingle and get to know each other. It was set up just like a blind date not knowing who will be at what dinner, which what made it so fun! I can’t even express how happy I was to have met all these wonderful ladies, and really, I don’t think there were any better ways to kick-off the Alt Summit!

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(all images via shop sweet things; last image via mindy gayer)