Playdate 17 | Caitlin Flemming & Jackson at Serena & Lily



Hey friends, I thought I would squeeze in a playdate on my Playdate series just right before Mother’s Day. It only seems fitting, right? I’m pretty excited to introduce you to a new mom today. Some of you who are interior & lifestyle bloggers may already be familiar with her – yup, you guessed it, the lovely Caitlin Flemming of Sacramento Street, and her adorable 4.5 month old son, Jackson!

Like some of the moms I’ve featured in the past, Caitlin was one of the bloggers I met in my earlier blogging days. When I met her, she was doing community development for a media company while using her blog as a creative outlet to fuel her passion in interior design. Not long after I met Caitlin, she made the decision on a career change, quitted her job and pursued her dream as an interior designer. Her journey unfolded on her blog, and she has now carved a place in the interiors with Caitlin Flemming Design. Anyone who appreciates mixing old with new, while keeping a clean and modern aesthetic should really look to Caitlin.

We all know it takes a lot of guts and dedication to make a career change, especially going from a 9-5 job to being self-employed in a field that was completely self-taught. I can’t tell you how inspiring Caitlin has been to me and it’s been my pleasure to get to know her. Caitlin is someone who is genuine, easy going, and has a heart of gold! Now that she’s a mom, I’m just over joy watching how much she enjoys motherhood. She makes it look so easy that it makes me want to be a new mom all over again. :) I suppose it helps that her little chub, Jackson, is also quite a charm.

We went out on a playdate at one of the spots that Caitlin and Jackson frequent a lot on Sacramento Street, Serena & Lily – it was also where Caitlin had her baby shower. If you’ve never been to Serena & Lily’s design shop in SF, you should make a visit. Lots of beautiful decor selections, with amazing colors and patterns. Great for entertaining those baby’s eyes too! It would be one of my go-to stops if I am to decorate my home or a nursery.

Alright friends, enough said from me. Get ready to be wooed by this pair of happy mother-and-son duo! Especially for you aspiring mamas!


What Jackson is wearing: Pants – Von Bon Apparel / Onesie – Gap Baby / Jacket – Gap Baby / Shoes – Zutano Booties / Stuffed Animal – Hazel Village from Noble Carriage

Caitlin, I know you’re only a few months in as a new mom, but is motherhood anything you expected it to be? What’s the most challenging part of being a mom right now? Most rewarding? CF: I never could have predicted how incredible it is to become a mom. When he looks into my eyes and smiles up at me, I completely melt. The biggest challenge has been lack of sleep but the reward of having this loving being in your life, more than makes up for the challenge.



3 favorite things you like to do with your son, Jackson?  CF: I love every minute I spend with Jackson. Probably my favorite things to do right now are taking long walks everyday, going to music class at DayOne Baby, and just holding him in my arms.


What Caitlin is wearing: Jeans – J Brand / Striped Shirt – Everlane / Jacket – James Perse / Shoes – Black Ballet Flats / Necklace – Margaret Elizabeth / Handbag – Celine

You have your own interior design business, Caitlin Flemming Design, as well as your interior & lifestyle blog, Sacramento Street. Were you able to take a maternity leave after having Jackson? Or did you jump right back into your work? CF: I work for myself, so I made the decision to take three months off. It was nice to have time to settle into motherhood.


Hadley slept through the whole playdate! Go figure. :) What I’m wearing: Sweatshirt – Lou & Grey / Pants & Slip-Ons – Gap / Bracelet – Honey & Bloom. What Hadley is wearing: Stripe Shirt – Jujubunny / Pants – Gap Kids / Sneakers – Adidas Stan Smith Kids / Blanket – Giggle 

Do you have help? Baby-wise? Work-wise? CF: I have eased back to work. I’m working three and a half days a week and I find I can get everything done in a shorter amount of time. I have a nanny who loves Jackson and fits in so well with our family.


Has your priorities changed after having Jackson? If so, what are they? CF: My priorities have definitely changed. Above all else, my family comes first. Just last week, I was hosting a Mother’s Day tea and less than an hour before I needed to leave, my nanny’s little girl got sick at school and needed to go home. I knew I had to take Jackson with me. I forgot my heels and my hair had to tied back wet, but It’s just what you have to do when you’re a mom.


You have a beautiful nursery! Can you give us 3 design tips on decorating a nursery that can grow with the baby? CF: 1/ Keep it gender neutral in case the room serves as a nursery for a brother or sister. 2/ Try to use a chest of drawers as your changing table. That way, when your little one no longer wears diapers, you can remove the tray and have it as a great storage piece in the room. 3/ Cribs that can transition into toddler beds are a great investment.


My three favorite baby brands are: CF: 1/ H&M Onesies – the organic line. The cotton is incredibly soft and washes beautifully. 2/ Zutano Booties – if you have a baby, you need these. Socks come off almost immediately but these booties actually stay on. 3/ Hazel Village Stuffed Animals – Mas the Raccoon is Jackson’s favorite stuffed animal. He’s cute and forgiving when chewed on.


Your best resource(s) for motherhood/parenting advice? CF: Some of the best advice has come from other moms. At the same time, I’ve loved being a member of DayOne Baby. Both my husband and I took classes on parenting before he arrived and now we go almost every day for music class or to pop in to weigh him.


Are you able to maintain your personal style after the baby? 3 style brands you can count on right now. CF: My personal style has remained the same – although I may be a bit more casual than I was prior to Jackson arriving. I love Malene Birger – a designer from Denmark. Her clothes are both comfortable as well as cute to flatter your figure – I can’t stop wearing this jumpsuit by her. I also love Rag & Bone, which I wore prior to having a baby. Finally, my Vince slip-on sneakers are easy to get on with a baby in my arms.


Cozy throw blankets at Serena & Lily perfect for you and bebe! 


What advice would you give to a woman who is thinking about having a baby? How should she prepare for this transition? CF: I don’t have advice other than to relax and enjoy this miracle of life. In the four and a half months of Jackson’s life, he has grown so quickly and changed so much. I try to cherish each moment.


What one quality would you like Jackson to learn from you? CF: I just want Jackson to be happy. He’s been such a calm and loving boy, I know we’re blessed.


Hadley and Jackson’s strollers – Bugaboo Bee 3, perfect for city living parents. 

Where will you be celebrating your first Mother’s Day? CF: We’re keeping it low-key this year. It will either be a day at the beach or a long walk in the Presidio. As long as I can spend it with my two boys and mom I’ll be one happy girl.

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Thank you so much to Caitlin and Jackson for coming out to play! Be sure to follow them on Instagram @caitlinflemming

Happy (early) Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there! 

xo Jeanne

Serena & Lily Design Shop 3457 Sacramento Street, SF, Presidio Heights. Photos by Ashley Batz