Brighter Skin For Spring



One thing I learned about skincare is that you have to adjust your regimen as you transition from season to season. My skin is on the sensitive side so once the weather changes, my skin can easily go into a breakout mode. And it is the most frustrating thing in the world.

So as the spring approaches, I’m looking to spruce up my skincare regimen to detox and help keep my healthy glow going. Luckily, Dermalogica introduced me to their new Charcoal Rescue Masque. It addresses all of my skin concerns from signs of aging, to breakouts and sensitivity while drawing out impurities.

I got to try this new masque just in time for my headshot photo while launching my new business. Thank goodness, I love how it brightens and invigorates my skin! Honestly, I’m such a big believer in skincare these days (more so than make-up.) Nothing gives me more confidence than having nice, even-toned skin.

Dermalogica has a full line of skincare products that addresses all sorts of skin concerns. If you’re looking to refresh your skincare regimen, they’re offering 20% off at Derrmalogica to my first 50 readers who make a purchase with promo code “JEANNE”. Hope you find something to help you transition well into spring!


dermalogical- charcoal-rescue-masque

Thank you for reading! This post is kindly sponsored by Dermalogica. All opinions shared here are of my own. Portrait photo by Ashley Batz

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