What I Think Of Our 6th Year Of Marriage


Santa Cruz Boardwalk

George and I didn’t make plans whatsoever for our 6th year wedding anniversary. No gifts. No cards. No dinner. No nothing. 

We’ve been so consumed with work and family that we hardly got time to plan anything for ourselves. But that’s ok, we ended up taking a spontaneous weekend trip to Santa Cruz with our girls and had ourselves a great time! I think the last time we were there it was 17 years ago. That’s how long we’ve dated, crazy! So even though it wasn’t a romantic getaway, it was nostalgic and brought back some dating memories. Who would’ve known that after 17 years later, we would be spending our wedding anniversary with two insanely cute rascals in Santa Cruz. No complaints here.

We took Hayden and Hadley to the Boardwalk for the first time. They loved it and had so much fun! They get so excited when they get out of the city, except for the long car rides. The trick is to blast Taylor Swift “Bad Blood” and they’re fine. Oh, and they especially LOVE staying at hotels. George and I get a kick out of it watching them run wild in hotel rooms. Expensive hobby we got, lol! At least this time, we found ourselves a nice deal on Hotel Tonight and stayed at the Dream Inn. They got a nice pool area that leads to the beach, and a good bar and restaurant. Yup, we took advantage on all of that.

As far as marriage goes, sometimes I feel like a failed spouse for not being romantic enough. I think this is the first year we did absolutely nothing for each other. I thought I would be disappointed or upset (even at myself), but I wasn’t. I felt absolutely happy and content. Our 6th year of marriage wasn’t exactly easy. I think we’ve argued more than any other years we were married, mostly over parenting and miscommunications. I tell you, kids (and probably finance and your iPhone – funny but true) will put your marriage to the test more than anything else. But I’m lucky to have a husband who, no matter how hard I push his buttons, he always sticks around. For me, I’m working on putting aside my ego and saying my apologies. At the end of the day, we make up and take happy Instagrams (or Snaps these days!) 

I never thought I would say this, but marriage is tough! Yet I’m enjoying the goods and the bads, and I love that each time George and I overcome an argument, we get stronger as a couple.

You can see some of our throwback wedding moments here! Thanks so much for reading, friends!

xo Jeanne

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Santa Cruz Boardwalk

Santa Cruz Boardwalk

Santa Cruz Boardwalk

Santa Cruz Boarkwalk

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Santa Cruz Dream Inn

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