Wanderlust + DIY Leather Luggage Tags


diy leather luggage tag

Can someone tell me how to create more time during the day? I’ve never been so challenged to time manage my life. Getting ready for Harlow & Grey while still juggling family life, blogging, and other side adventures is…., well, challenging. Though ironically, being challenged certainly made me better at prioritizing and finding ways to work more efficiently (will definitely have to blog about this later!) 

I have to admit though, there are times that the to-do list is so long that all I want to do is drop everything and take a trip somewhere. I think this is pretty normal for everyone, right? Daydreaming. Wanderlust.

If you get to take a trip to anywhere right now, where would go?

Since I just had a Asia trip before the holidays, I think my next dream destination would be either Greece or France. How about you?

xo Jeanne

P.S. – If you got the time, make these chic DIY leather luggage tags!