The Kind of Woman | Introduction



Well, this is something new, isn’t it? I am sharing a whole different side of myself that I normally don’t share here on SST. Something a bit more refined, if you may.

I’m also very thrilled to be partnering this series with one of my most-admired-blogger-now-turned-good-friend, Erin of Apartment 34! She is someone I admire personally and professionally, and I know you will all learn so much from her, as I certainly have since becoming friends.

Each month, we will discuss one topic surrounding modern womanhood, share two sets of opinions, and a photo shoot with talents that align with the vision of our series.

That said, we cannot thank our dear friends The Podolls and Coléoptère enough, for supporting our first post! Not only do we admire the creativity behind these two brands, but the quality and craftsmanship of their work are unparalleled. It is women like Lauren and Vanessa who inspires and pushes us to be that kind of woman.

Also a sincere thank you to Ashley Batz for doing our first shoot. She is a talented photographer who is self-taught, and I’ve really become to admire young women who work hard to achieve what they want to become.


**Asterisk earrings, Coléoptère | Daily Essense, SKII | Daily Moisturizer, Laneige | BB Cream, Clarins | Make-up by Nars, Bobbi Brown and L’Oreal

So, who is The Kind of Woman? To start, she is someone who is:

// Confident with her choices

// Not afraid to push the boundaries

// Cultured and open-minded

// Willing to accept her weaknesses – and use that to make her a better person

// Understated with elegance

// Embraces her femininity and her strength

// Doesn’t let others define her

// Able and willing! to have an honest conversation


**Snake Ankle Boot, Freda Salvador

What compelled me to start The Kind of Woman?

To be honest, I have no idea why I’m adding another thing on my plate (I’m currently raising two kids, running a blog, and trying to start two new businesses). But the idea of connecting with women alike – who shares a passion for finer things and strives to be their best-self – was really what drove me to start this series. I also wanted to carve out a place here where I can connect with you deeper and get more personal — you know, more than just my favorite summer “must-haves”.

How did I come up with the name?

I like to refer my female role models as “the kind of woman” who is — beautiful, genuine, kind, brave, smart, tasteful, confident, assertive, strong, one-of-a-kind.


**Stacked ring, Coléoptère  | Wrap dress, The Podolls

What will you (and Erin) be talking about?

We will touch on many subjects, all of which are subjects that we’re all too familiar with as today’s modern woman – career, relationships, finance, family, health, and of course, anything you’d think would make a good discussion here. While some topics will be tougher than others, I want this series to be very open and mutual. There will be no right or wrong answers on what Erin and I will bring up here, rather we encourage everyone to use their best judgement to decide what is best for themselves.


Again, I am beyond thrilled to have Erin join me on this ride! While we are both very different individuals, we come to share very similar taste and outlook in life. And after reading Erin’s honest take on ‘The Kind of Woman’ and why she decided to join me on this venture, it has brought me to another level of respect for her.

I’m curious – how do you define today’s woman? What challenges or struggles do you face regularly? Who do you admire as your kind of woman?

Here’s to a new series that celebrates modern womanhood! Hope you’ll enjoy and be sure to follow our Instagrams @shopsweetthings and @apartment_34 for our next month’s sneak peeks! #thekindofwoman

xo Jeanne

P.S.  One more reason why I’m starting this series – when I turn 70, I want to be proud of the woman I have become.


  • I’m really looking forward to this series! I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my future and my legacy so this is perfect timing! I can’t wait to see what ideas you gals and your readers have about what it means to be a woman today and as we age.

    • Thanks so much, Kelly! We’re really excited about this series too and really hope to connect with woman like you. Xo Jeanne

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    Really awesome Jeanne! Kudos to you and Erin. You are both #thekindofwoman I feel proud to know. xoxo

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  • Novita A

    Following up on what you said about celebrating modern womanhood- what is your opinion about woman who made choice that was fundamentally different than yours? Say someone who chose not to have kids.. Can she be the ‘kind of woman’ that you are describing above?

    • Hi Novita, of course. I think having children or not is a personal choice. It’s about being confidence with that choice and knowing who you are and what you want in life. I have friends who decided not to have children and I admire them just as much as I admire my friends who does.