My #1 Secret To Business Success


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Hi friends, hope you’re all having a productive week!

I started my week off speaking on a Social Media Panel at the Yelp HQ this Monday. It was an honor and really amazing that I was able to share my knowledge with a talented group of Yelp community managers from all over the world! We talked about everything from growing an audience, to staying consistent as a brand, to photography tips, to analytic tools, to do’s & don’ts on social media, and just about everything in between.

I know I don’t usually speak about social media here, but would you ever want me to share some takeaways on the blog? 

On a separate, but similar note, I am thrilled that I was recently featured on My Domaine sharing my #1 success tip as a small business owner. I must say I swear by my tip! Can you guess what it is? Check it out here and see what other awesome lady-bosses have to say about their secret sauce! I’m taking notes myself.

Have a great day, everyone!

xo Jeanne

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Image via Tara Donne