What I Wore Lately…


Mira Mira Double Layer Chiffon Shorts

Zara White Moto Jacket

Kate Spade Emerald  Cute Necklace

H&M Chiffon Blouse & Pleated Tie Shorts

Forever 21 sleeveless trench & Sam Edleman Leopard

Gap Boyfriend Shorts

As you may already noticed, I don’t do many outfit posts here on my blog. Maybe because I get really shy in front of the camera, and I’m just not very comfortable with modeling.

Though what I got really comfortable with is snapping pictures of my outfits with my iphone (thanks to Pose and Instagram!) It’s quick and easy, and just the perfect way to document what I wore – especially when I’m on the go. I’ve been asked before to show more of my outfits so I think this is a great way for me to share with you…guess I’ll be a little outfit-iphonographer in the making.

So here I am, showing a few outfits of what I wore (bought) lately. I think I may have to turn this “What I Wore Lately” feature in to a mini series here at Shop Sweet Things with Jeanne, what do you think? I will also try to link my outfits as much as I can too so you can purchase them if you see something you like. :)

  • Diana

    I LOVE ALL OF YOUR OUTFITS! I love your style!!! You’re a great model! =)

  • Love that moto jacket with the blouse & belt! (Where is that blouse from?)

    • Thank you! That blouse is also from Zara, though I got it on sale so must be from the last season. The belt is vintage. :) 

  • walkley1

    Hey Jeanne – great looks and great pics – well done! It’s not easy shooting outfits on yourself – had an attempt that the weekend with mixed results – so think you did a great job xx

    • So flattered, thank you! Just keep trying… sometimes I have to take 10 shots just to get 1 right. :) I’d love to see yours when you get your outfits up! xo 

  • I love you idea about the mini series. Because you always look fabulous and inspiring with your outfit, Love your H&M one especially :)

  • the shorts look so cute on you!  LOVE them with the tights.  hope to see u soon!

  • Just send that white Zara jacket over to Cape Town, OK? I’ll be waiting…
    Love these outfits, Jeanne. xx

  • that first pair of shorts is so cute! love your style + your blog design!