The Hatch Collection


the hatch collection new yorkthe hatch collection new yorkthe hatch collection new yorkthe hatch collection new york

I have a confession. I’ve been thinking of a second.

I have another confession. I think it’s probably after looking at Hatch that I want to be pregnant again!

Doesn’t this collection make pregnancy look so joyful? Not that it’s not. But when your waist line starts to expand and your thighs start to touch, that part is not so joyful anymore. I was lucky enough that when I was pregnant with Hayden, all the flowy dresses and leggings were in trend. So I got lucky without having to spend a lot of money on “maternity” clothes and still maintained my style. But honestly, most of those pieces I bought became disposable because after I had Hayden I haven’t wore them too much anymore. And some of them got pretty stretched out.

Anyways, I adore Hatch not only because it makes pregnant ladies look radiant, but I’m so obsessed with the idea that you can wear every single piece from the collection before, during, and after pregnancy. The fabrics, the cuttings, the colors – it all look so luxe! I mean, talk about owning a timeless piece! I think this is a quality piece for every woman to own… perhaps I just convinced myself to get a piece now and grow into it? ;)