He Wears / She Wears – The Good Ole Khakis


The good old khakis, aren’t they just the best alternative to jeans? And I love seeing it in the stores this time of the year because it just finally means spring is in the air. They make the best staple for a light, relaxed wardrobe, and I’m excited that this year there are all sorts of colors I can choose from at the Gap. Not just for women, but for men too! So if you’re stocking up on some spring staples, treat yourself and your man to a new pair of pants (bonus points if he’s willing to wear colors!) And don’t forget to roll up the pants and all. :)

Have a happy, relaxed, and a long President’s Day weekend!

HE WEARS: Gap, Denim Washed Garment Dye Khakis SHE WEARS: Gap, Broken In Straight Khakis

  • I’m a big fan of khakis since they provide a touch of causal comfort without making one look like a slob. That electric blue is color is awesome and I think it might just be calling me to the Gap.
    Btw I found out that OP is the new face of some fragrance and a blogger apparently – www.oliviapalermo.com/
    Enjoy the long weekend!

  • Love the blue ones! Loving your new series! Happy three day weekend! XX

  • Thao Le

    My Uniqlo pants are rolled up as we speak! Cute post Jeanne, have a lovely weekend! Xo

    • Cute! I wish we have a Uniqlo here too. They have plans on opening one in SF but just don’t know when, hope it won’t be too long!

  • Ashley Lovett

    Perfect for a casual weekend!

    Speaking of weekends, have a great one, Jeanne!


  • i saw the gap billboard with the models sporting colorful pants and was telling myself i needed to get some! 
    then i come here and see it again! i think it’s a sign :)

  • Eli

    Gosh not that long ago I found a blog shared by a boy and girl and they both wear variations of their outfits but I somehow lost it!! Reminds me of this!

  • Tara Johnson

    I saw those great colors at Gap! Waiting on a coupon … So the 80’s rolled up style is back? How do you feel about the skinny look?


    • Yes, the 80’s rolled up is totally back. I still remember doing that when I was like 10, haha! And I totally dig the skinny look :) 

  • Fenny Setiawan

    I love to wear this pants. I think those fitting fits me best with my current body haha… and I am still searching for hot pink color though.